The Ghetto Fighters’ House 

Talking Memory Series Presents:

The Holocaust and October 7: Entangled Memory?

Join us on Sunday, April 14

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Guest Speakers:

Prof. Havi Dreifuss
Holocaust Studies and Commemoration Amidst Ongoing October 7th: Challenges and Connections

Dr. Ohad Ofaz
EDUT 710: What We Learned from Holocaust Survivors’ Documentation

Yaron Tzur
Facing Today’s Challenges: Navigating Holocaust Education at the Ghetto Fighters’ House Museum

The events of October 7 have sent shockwaves through the global community, deeply influencing discussions on Holocaust remembrance. In this program, we will thoughtfully navigate the entangled memory of the Holocaust and October 7, examining its impact on remembrance and education.

Our first speaker, Prof. Havi Dreifuss will delve into the key challenges facing Holocaust studies both in Israel and worldwide amidst the aftermath of this tragic event. How does contemporary trauma, including rising antisemitism and other factors, influence our understanding and interpretation of Holocaust history? What intersections and parallels can be drawn between the study of the Holocaust and the events of October 7th? Through an exploration of research, documentation, and commemoration, we will seek to illuminate the complex dynamics in navigating the legacy of the Holocaust in today’s world.

Dr. Ohad Ofaz will describe how WWII, the Holocaust, and the experiences of Holocaust survivors played a pivotal role in the emergence of audio-visual testimony. Central to this development was the contribution of Dori Laub, a psychiatrist and Holocaust survivor, who initiated the first video testimony project and formed a distinctive approach of attentive and empathetic interviewing techniques. The lecture will explore the evolution of the audio-visual testimony tradition from its origins in the Holocaust era to the Edut 710 initiative aimed at documenting the stories of survivors of the October 7th atrocities. It will highlight the incorporation and modification of Laub’s ethics of listening as a core concept in the current project.

Yaron Tzur, Director of Content Development and Digital at the Ghetto Fighters’ House, will share the museum’s educational approach to addressing questions that have emerged since October 7 and reflect on the key messages conveyed to visitors today.

This program is in partnership with Classrooms Without Borders, the Rabin Chair Forum at George Washington University, and the Institute for the History of Polish Jewry in Tel-Aviv university.

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