Endowing a
for all our children and grandchildren so they will know and understand the meaning of NEVER AGAIN

The Holocaust Documentation & Education Center (HDEC) is devoted to documenting the memory of the Holocaust and educating today’s generation about the dangers of bigotry, hatred and intolerance.

The HDEC is central in collecting over 2,500 oral histories of Survivors, Liberators, and Rescuers as well as artifacts, photographs and documents that provide invaluable eyewitness accounts of the history of the Holocaust. The Museum also features the unique combination of two iconic anchor artifacts – an authenticated Holocaust Railcar and an authenticated United States Sherman Tank of the type that liberated Dachau. These two artifacts provide impactful moments of reflection for visitors.

In compliance with Florida’s Holocaust Education Statute, the HDEC hosts Student Awareness Days and other programs throughout the year which serve to educate our students.

Online Programming for Teachers, Students and the Community

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