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Social media and other online platforms have amplified hateful messages and conspiracy theories that often target and scapegoat Jewish individuals and communities. As a result, Holocaust denial and distortion has entered mainstream discourses, including among young people. The proliferation of these ideas drives the spread of violent extremist ideologies and undermines democratic values and human rights.

Schools and teachers can play a significant role in raising young people’s awareness of antisemitism and its effects and in building their resilience to prejudice, extremist narratives, conspiracy thinking, and the toxic ideologies that drive discrimination and hatred. With this common goal, UNESCO, OSCE/ODIHR, AFT, AJC and Shine A Light have come together to provide a series of micro-credential learning activities designed to positively impact teacher practice and raise critical consciousness about the impact of antisemitism.

This webinar will highlight the micro-credential series’ comprehensive framework, as well as provide practical materials for educators to be certified as a Shine A Light Educator Countering Antisemitism.