The Emmy® Award-winning The Children of Chabannes of Lisa Gossels and Dean Wetherell is the story of how the people in a tiny French village chose action over indifference, and risked their lives and livelihoods, to save more than 400 Jewish refugee children during World War Il.

The Children of Chabannes is not only a story about the past. It’s an exploration of moral courage and goodness in the face of evil: of what motivates individuals to take a stand against injustice, bigotry and extremism.

Lisa Gossels, whose father was one of the children rescued in Chabannes, will be joined on the panel by Holocaust child refugee Dr. Norman Bikales, who is featured in the film, and Dr. Mordecai Paldiel who oversaw the honoring of the Chabannes rescuers.

This program is available on YouTube via the link below.

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