As the Holocaust Documentation & Education Center continues to feature and offer a wide variety of topics on the Holocaust, today we are adding the following to our list from the Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage:

Program:  “How Was It Possible? Introduction to the Holocaust”

Date:        Thursday, October 15, 2020

Time:        4:00 PM

Platform:  This event will take place online and is free to the public.

Registration is required. To register please click here.

How was the Holocaust possible? This program will provide an introduction to the Holocaust through an exploration of the factors leading to the rise of Nazism. Jodi Elowitz, HHC’s Director of Education and Engagement, will discuss the origins of the Holocaust, including the aftermath of World War I and the impact of antisemitism and nationalism in the rise of Nazism and its spread throughout Europe. If you’ve ever wondered how the events of World War II and the Holocaust began, this program will help answer those questions and demonstrate the need for all of us to be vigilant in the face of hatred today.