75 years ago today, the U.S. Army liberated the Nazi Concentration Camp Dachau.

Today is also Israel’s 72nd Birthday, Yom Ha’atzmaut.

Please click on the link below to take a moment to view one of the most moving and heartfelt tributes to a Holocaust Survivor, who was liberated by the U.S. Army from Dachau, 75 years ago today.



In June 2016, the HDEC acquired a M-4A3E8 Sherman Tank, on permanent loan from the U.S. Army. The tank has the markings of the 20th Armored Division, 9th Tank Battalion, Bravo Company, of the type that participated in the Liberation of Dachau, where our Julius Eisenstein was also liberated.

Julius Eisenstein dachau liberation









Survivor Julius Eisenstein seen in this photograph taken April 1945, greeting U.S. Army troops.

Julius kissing tank








Julius Eisenstein’s reaction when he first saw the tank at the HDEC.

HDEC tank front








The M-4A3E8 Sherman Tank can be seen at the HDEC.

To learn more about the Liberation of Dachau you can also click the link below: