Ghetto Fighters’ House: Voices in the Void

2023 marks the 80th anniversary of the unique rescue mission in which more than 7,000 Danish Jews – comprising approximately 95 percent of Denmark’s Jewish population – were smuggled to Sweden via fishing boats. The Ghetto Fighters’ House Museum has created an online interactive workshop based on “Voices in the Void,” an animated film that portrays the mission from the perspective of a young Bent Melchior, who later became the Chief Rabbi of Denmark.

During this webinar, educators will have the opportunity to interact with the accompanying IWitness classroom activity “Voices in the Void – The Flight and Rescue of the Jews in Denmark,” and explore an inspiring story that emphasizes values of solidarity, activism, and humanism.

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For more information visit: USC Shoah Foundation
and/or Ghetto Fighters’ House Museum