As the Holocaust Documentation & Education Center continues to feature a variety of online programs, we are delighted to add these “three powerful films” from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum for you to view.

Testimonies about Rescue, Resistance, and Survival
“Why did the rescuers do it? My mother said to me, ‘You know we can get killed.’ But you know even if it’s the last thing you do, you have to do it. Because you can’t live with that injustice and not do anything and then live with yourself, knowing you didn’t do everything you could. I wouldn’t want to live in a world where nobody cares a damn.” – Tina Strobos, Jewish member of a resistance group.

The Path to Nazi Genocide and European Antisemitism from Its Origins to the Holocaust introduce the Holocaust and antisemitism, providing background essential for classroom and community conversations about this history.

“To future generations it must be told: Once man did this to his brothers.”
– A commentator learning about the Holocaust in the immediate aftermath of World War II.