Please join us for this special program, a Yom HaShoah commemoration, the Day of Remembrance for the victims of the Holocaust.

It will feature Assia Raberman, a Holocaust survivor and beloved TOLI mentor, speaking from Israel.

Assia was 11 years old in 1939 when the Nazis arrived in her hometown, Mizoch, Poland (today in Ukraine). After that her happy childhood turned into a struggle to survive, enduring the most harrowing experiences of the Holocaust. Given by her parents to shelter with a Catholic family, Assia survived the war as a ‘hidden child.’ Tragically, her parents and almost all of her extended family were killed in the Holocaust. Only she and her brother, Isaac, survived. After the war they moved to Israel, pioneers in the new nation, where Assia married and made a career of mentoring children with special needs. A cherished TOLI speaker, Assia has inspired educators and students in several countries with her remarkable story, the triumph of hope over hatred.

Mark Berez, Assia’s nephew, will share his experience as a second-generation survivor. Mark is the president of TOLI.

The program will be moderated by Harry D. Wall, a member of the TOLI board of directors.

Watch Here