Compared to Casablanca by The Washington Post, this is a page–turning story of a group of resistance workers who rescued downed Allied fighter pilots and spirited them through France and into safety in Spain during World War II. 

A Jewish hero everyone should know…

As war raged against Hitler’s Germany, an increasing number of Allied fliers were shot down on missions against Nazi targets in occupied Europe. Many fliers parachuted safely behind enemy lines only to find themselves stranded and hunted down by the Gestapo. The Freedom Line traces the thrilling and true story of Robert Grimes, a 20-year-old American B–17 pilot whose plane was shot down over Belgium on Oct. 20, 1943. Wounded, disoriented, and scared, he was rescued by operatives of the Comet Line, a group of tenacious young women and men from Belgium, France, and Spain who joined forces to rescue the Allied aircrews and take them to safety. Armed with guile and spirit, the selfless civilian fighters of the Comet Line risked their lives to create this underground railroad, and saved hundreds of Allied airmen.

Date: Sunday, February 26, 2023

Time: 4 PM EST

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