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This Sunday Salon will focus on She’erit Hapleita, “the surviving remnant” of Holocaust Survivors, many of whom felt “liberated but not free”, as one survivor put it. The survivors lived between memory and hope; between the loss, the anguish, the hatred and the distress on the one hand, and the struggle to rehabilitate their lives and create a new future, on the other.

Sheryl Ochayon, Project Director for Echoes & Reflections at Yad Vashem, the World Holocaust Remembrance Center in Jerusalem, will guide us through this very interesting focus on “Returning To Life”, which is rarely explored, but ever so important to understand about Life After The Holocaust for the Survivors.

This tension is the focal point of this presentation and conversation which examines the processes the survivors underwent: searching for family members, coping with the loss, looking for missing children, setting up orphanages and fleeing from the antisemitism rampant in Poland even after the Holocaust as well as living in the DP camps in Germany and leaving them for assorted destinations – mainly Eretz Israel.