As the Holocaust Documentation & Education Center continues to feature and offer a wide variety of topics on the Holocaust, today we are adding the following to our list from 3GNY:

Program:  “The Quest for the Hidden Torah” with Yoni Litwok

Date:        Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Time:        8:00 PM

Platform:  This event will take place online and is free to the public.

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In 2018, Yoni discovered testimony his grandfather, Zygmunt (Ziggy) Litowk, a Holocaust Survivor, had provided to the Shoah Foundation. Ziggy described that after the Nazis invaded his hometown of Dziedzice, Poland, the Jews were notified that the synagogue would be destroyed. Late that night, they snuck into the synagogue, took the Torah scrolls to the local Jewish cemetery, and hid them.

Ziggy wanted to go back and recover the hidden Torah scrolls. However, he did not have the opportunity prior to his sudden passing in 2002.

After hearing this story, Yoni embarked on a journey, to see if he could trace his Papa’s roots and find the hidden Torah. Through a series of improbable events and remarkable people, Yoni found himself in Poland, learning more about his family than he ever could have imagined.

Join Yoni Litwok as he takes you on “The Quest for the Hidden Torah” – a story of incredible perseverance and revelation.