The Ghetto Fighters’ House invites you to a special Talking Memory series:

“Bridge Over Troubled Water”: Solidarity and Civic Responsibility in Times of Crisis

You are cordially invited to join our new Talking Memory lecture series, which serves as a profound testament to the resilience and strength of civil society. This series aims to shed light on the enduring power of collective efforts, demonstrating the impact of our shared values and collaborative endeavours, then and now.

A Nation Takes Action: Commemorating the 80th Anniversary of the Rescue of the Jews in Denmark During the Holocaust

Opening Remarks:
Ambassador of Denmark, H.E. Thomas Winkler

Guest Speakers:
Dr. Bo Lidegaard
Dr. Judith S. Goldstein
Rabbi Jair Melchior

Screening: Voices in the Void

Program Description:

We are honored to have the Ambassador of Denmark, H.E. Thomas Winkler to open this special commemoration program about a most incredible act of rescue. Almost all the seven thousand Jews living in Nazi occupied Denmark, managed to escape the Holocaust. What made Denmark the exception to the systemized horror? Bo Lidegaard, an historian who has researched the subject, presents a new explanation of the rescue based on more than ten years of historical research. Dr. Judith Goldstein, Founder and Executive Director Emeritus of ”Humanity in Action”, will introduce us to the work of the non-profit organization, including the production of the animated documentary ”Voices in the Void”, which is part of the film series Traces: Portraits of Resistance, Survival and Resolve. We will have the opportunity to see a screening of the film during the program. Afterwards, Rabbi Jair Melchior, Chief Rabbi of Denmark, will share the story of his grandfather, Rabbi Bent Melchior who was rescued on one of the fishing boats that sailed to Sweden, in relation to the moral lessons and insights gained from this unique example of rescue during the Holocaust.

This program is in partnership with the Embassy of Denmark in Tel Aviv, Humanity in Action, the Danish Jewish Museum, the Johannesburg Holocaust & Genocide Center, Classrooms without Borders, and the Rabin Chair Forum at George Washington University.

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