Dear Survivors, Members of the Board, Volunteers, Teachers, and Friends,

We are so thrilled to inform you that in Governor Ron DeSantis’ recently signed “Framework for Freedom Budget for Fiscal Year 2023–24”, the Holocaust Documentation & Education Center, Inc. (HDEC), is slated to receive $1,500,000 earmarked to buildout the Multipurpose Orientation Theater, as per Gallagher & Associates’ rendering attached and below.

On Behalf of the HDEC Board of Directors, we wish to extend our tremendous gratitude and appreciation to Fred Karlinsky, our amazing leading driving force, pro bono lobbyist and HDEC Vice president, and as well to the following incredibly devoted legislators, HDEC Board Member Senator Lauren Book and Representative Hillary Cassel for this remarkable allocation.

Below is a screenshot of the HDEC allocation from the budget.

This unique and dynamic Orientation and Multipurpose Theater, will be used to introduce every visitor who enters the Museum, including students aged 11 and up, teachers and families to the Holocaust, its lessons and legacy through an 18-minute professionally produced film.

This Theater, with seating capacity for approximately 100 visitors, will also be used for a multitude of programming such as plays, musical performances, movie premieres, lectures, film festivals, and panel discussions.

The Theater is an essential addition to the HDEC Museum experience, as it allows for the opportunity to offer a variety of additional and creative programming, that will inspire visitors and students alike.

Construction will begin this Fall and the Theater will be completed by June 30, 2024. It is the HDEC’s resolute commitment and devotion to ensuring that present and future generations will be taught the history, the lessons and legacy of the Holocaust.

All the best,

Rositta E. Kenigsberg, President,
Holocaust Documentation & Education Center, Inc.