Call For Artifacts

camp-noticeThe purpose of the Museum is to tell the story of the Holocaust from the rise of Nazism through the assault against the Jews, from ghettoization to deportation, from mobile killing units to the death camps and the death marches, and then on to liberation, the return to life and the journey of Holocaust Survivors to their new lands and the emergence of their new lives. Included in this will be the importance of the Holocaust for our world and our time. These are the themes of the museum.

For the Museum to take shape, we need you to help us find the artifacts that will enable us to build the Museum. Artifacts may be large or small. Artifacts may be three dimensional or paper.

starWe need concentration camp uniforms and Jewish stars. We need artifacts from the world before – when Jewish life was vibrant and diverse. We need material from the Holocaust years, liberation, the DP camps, and even material on the post-Holocaust life of Survivors in the Unites States and Israel.

Each Survivor knows that these artifacts are the remnants of their life before and of their struggle during the Shoah. We would like to give these remnants a permanent home for present and future generations to see.

Children of Survivors may not know what their parents possess. However they may come across this material as they help their parents move from their homes to a warmer climate or to places of assisted living, or as they clear out their parents’ homes after they are gone.

Please do not throw any artifacts out. Contact us first. Everyone can help with this effort.

Rabbis can help. Ask your congregants of their past. Ask them what material remnants they may have and how they can donate them to us.

uniformHealth Care Professionals can help. You are with people in their hours of need. You often advise them as to the transitions in their life. You are with people as they are forced to confront their own mortality. Please mention the existence of the Museum. Tell them of our needs. It may be good for individuals facing such difficult transitions to think beyond themselves.

Lawyers, Financial Planners, and Insurance Personnel can help. You help people plan for their retirement, their illnesses, and their deaths. Please ask them about their non-monetary possessions, articles that are valuable to documenting the Holocaust. Please inform them of our mission and our needs.

When in doubt, please call us. Please do not discard any papers, pictures, or materials that may be of historic value.

Please give us the opportunity to gather the artifacts that we need to tell the story of the fathers, mothers,sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, and, above all, the children. Please help us remember.

We can build the Museum together. We cannot build it alone!

Please call the Center at (954) 929-5690 or email us at