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The Oral History Collection includes more than 2,500 interviews with Holocaust Survivors, Liberators, Rescuers, and other eyewitnesses. The HDEC continues to conduct interviews in our on-site studio. The HDEC is the only organization that transcribes each of our oral history interviews, which will be made accessible online in the near future.
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The HDEC is proud to have authored and lobbied for Florida statute 1004.32, mandating Holocaust education in the State of Florida. In compliance with the mandate, the HDEC organizes Student Awareness Days, Teacher Institutes, and annual contests. These programs focus on the history and lessons of the Holocaust as well as the dangers of hatred, prejudice, and bullying.
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Currently in its first phase of development, the South Florida Holocaust Museum will feature exhibits about life before, during and after WWII. Featured items will include a fully restored items will include a fully restored and identified Holocaust rail car and a U.S. Army Sherman M-4A3E8 tank, as well as oral history interviews, documents, photographs, and artifacts from HDEC’s collection.
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Help the Center step up its efforts to educate young minds of the dangers of bigotry and hatred. Together let us document the authentic memory of the Holocaust, so that no one will again experience the evils of genocide.
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