Call for Artifacts

The Museum will tell the history of the Holocaust from 1933 – 1945 and post Liberation. The following are some of the themes the Museum will examine:

  • Precursors/Antecedents to the Holocaust
  • Rise of the Nazi Party
  • The Ghettos
  • Genocide and the Holocaust
  • Resistance: Courageous Acts in Desperate Times
  • Rescuers
  • The Final Solution
  • Liberation
  • Reflection, Remembrance and Responsibility

If you have any documents, photographs, memorabilia or other artifacts please contact us. 

Holocaust Artifact
Holocaust Artifact - torah
Holocaust Artifact
Holocaust Artifact

Please note for example artifacts can include concentration camp uniforms, Jewish stars, items from Jewish life before, the pre-war years, Liberation, the DP camps, and material from the post-Holocaust life of Survivors in the United States and Israel.

These artifacts are important memorabilia of Survivor’s lives before, during and after the Holocaust. We look forward to giving these artifacts a permanent home for present and future generations to see. Every donated item will be featured virtually in the HDEC Permanent Exhibition.

Please do not discard any artifacts. Each one has a story to tell.

To donate artifacts or if you have any questions please call Erin at
(954) 929-5690 X 304 or email

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