The Olga & Eugene Guttman
Annual Visual Arts 2014 Contest Winners

Lessons of the Holocaust: Why I must stand up and speak out!

Overall Contest Winner – Click images to enlarge

Jahiem D. Piquion, grade 5
GKE/Sabal Palm Elementary School

Overall Contest Winner<br />  Jahiem D. Piquion,


Elementary School – Winner

Amanda Rivas, grade 1
M.A Milam K-8 Center School

Amanda Rivas, grade 1 <br />M.A Milam K-8 Center School

Elementary School – Winner

Karina Manrique, grade 4
Everglades Elementary School

Karina Manrique, grade 4 <br />Everglades Elementary School

Middle School – Winner

Lidice Vilchez, grade 8
The Cushman Middle School

Lidice Vilchez, grade 8 <br />The Cushman Middle School

High School – Winner

Kristin Lindsey Schanks, grade 12
Cypress Bay High School

Kristin Lindsey Schanks, grade 12 <br />Cypress Bay High School


2014 Annual Writing Contest Winners

Elementary School (4-6)

Paula Mitre, grade 6, Beachside Montessori Village. View Entry

Middle School (7-8)

Shannon Coglianese, grade 7, The Cushman School. View Entry

High School (9-12)

Gabriela Robles, grade 12, Charles W. Flanagan. View Entry

2014 Annual Media Contest Winners

Elementary School (4-6)

Ryan Beech, grade 5,
Devon Aire K-8 Center
PowerPoint presentation of the atrocities of the Holocaust. Download Entry

Middle School (7-8)

Noa Richard, grade 8
The Cushman School
Anti-bullying video. Watch Video

2014 Annual
‘A Simple Act of Kindness’ Contest Winners

Elementary School (4-6)

Haley Fleischman, grade 5
Everglades Elementary School. View Entry

Middle School (7-8)

Miles Mershon, grade 7
The Cushman School. View Entry

High School (9-12)

Owen Zighelboim, grade 10
Christopher Columbus High School. View Entry