HDEC Bookstore

While we do not have a bookstore yet, we do have several books available for purchase; proceeds benefit the Holocaust Documentation & Education Center. If you are interested in making a purchase please contact us at 954-929-5690 x378 or email librarian@hdec.org.

The Holocaust Chronicle – $36


Containing hundreds of photos, this collaborative effort by over half a dozen historians is an ambitious attempt to create a comprehensive account of the Shoah suitable for a wide audience. The contents are organized chronologically in 16 chapters, from “Roots of the Holocaust” through “The Pursuit of Justice.” A day-by-day time line appears on the bottom of each page, while the rest of the text combines images drawn from archives from around the world with textual explanations. Special sections, highlighted in yellow, often deal with the most controversial of issues, such as the role of the Vatican.



The Journey from Essen – by Gad Meiry – $36

essenGad (Hans) Meiry was born in 1924 in Essen, Germany to a weathly Jewish family. “The begins with the history of the grandparents, and the parents to the time when the boy found himself with other boys. They saw their parents quickly fading in the diestance as the locomotive started to pull them into an unknown journey. The boy’s father was wealthy enough to secure for Hans, a place with the Kinder-Transport.” Hans later joined the ‘Jewish Brigade’ and would eventually fulfill his dream of moving to Palestine.


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The Holocaust Remembered – by Leo Rosner – $10

rosnerThis is the personal account of the experiences and sufferings of Leo Rosner who, as a 13-year-old boy, was enslaved for three years in prisons, forced labor camps, and concentration camps during World War II. He lived to tell a story never to be forgotten – that of a boy who strove to save his father’s life while endangering his own. Against the orders of German S.S. men, Leo rushed to be by his father’s side. Time and again he managed to join his father in a new selection line – destination unknown. Together, they managed to come out of that hell on earth as true survivors.