Holocaust Museum in the making in Dania

The Parklander March 2017
For three score and 12 years, survivors of the Nazi-driven Holocaust – the worst genocide in human history – have carried their once-hidden messages outward into the light of human understanding.
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An interactive Holocaust Museum

Sun Sentinel March 2017
The new South Florida Holocaust Museum will tell one of history’s most hellish stories with the help of the people who lived through it – enhanced by cutting edge technology.
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Holocaust Survivors share their stories with students

Sun Sentinel February 2017
Miami Dade County high school students learned about the Holocaust through the testimony of many survivors at “Miami-Dade Student Awareness Day: A Prejudice Reduction and Anti-Bullying Program” that took place February 15th at the North Miami campus of Florida International University.
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Holocaust museum to house a legacy for survivors

Sun Sentinel January 2016
More than 70 years ago, it hauled human cargo from the Warsaw Ghetto to the Treblinka death camp. Now, Railcar 37657 is a feature exhibit at the new 26,000-square-foot Holocaust Documentation and Education Center. Read More…